Step Up To Stop Clots

Thrombosis UK works to increase awareness, support research and extend understanding to both healthcare professionals and the general public.

Many blood clots (thrombosis) can be prevented by keeping mobile and this message was the building block to our awareness and fundraising campaign - Step Up to Stop Clots

Success relied on being inclusive and engaging with all generations to encourage participation and organic promotion.

In an effort to appeal to everyone, we encouraged participants to complete any form of exercise and post their efforts on there social media platforms and the Thrombosis UK social wall via the hashtags #StepUpToStopClots #sutsc

Reducing the barrier to entry by targeting all abilities resulted in a large uptake of the challenge.

Thrombosis UK | Step Up To Stop Clots badge images for social media distribution

Earn your badge

Stepping up to stop clots is about being active. You do not have to be a Marathon runner, or Tour de France cyclist to join in.

The whole family can take part, be it running, walking, cycling, swimming, rowing, paddling - just be active and help us raise awareness.

As part of this initiative we created a series of fun and quirky motivational badges to be downloaded and added to participants social posts, reinforcing the core message of the campaign and inviting people to encourage each other in the cause to get active and step up to stop clots.

Limited resources = creative solutions

With a limited budget and short timescale, we had to be creative in all aspects of the campaign.

Developing a focal campaign footprint within the clients website allowed for key content to be easily disseminated and provided users with reasons to re-visit, increasing engagement.

Using social media posts to be the conduit to spread the word and to gain greater reach, the uptake from across the board exceeded expectations.

Utilising stock footage, supplemented with originally captured content and bespoke imagery, we could rapidly produce a series of video snippets and show reels at low-cost, helping drive engagement across all channels.

SUTSC Promotional Banner
Thrombosis UK Step Up to Stop Clots fundraising and promotional t-shirt design images