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Founded in 1970, the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons Inc (ASPS) is the oldest and largest peak body for Specialist Plastic Surgeons (both reconstructive and cosmetic).

Their mission is to provide the highest quality plastic surgery care to all Australians.

To facilitate better working practices, we worked with ASPS to define and deploy a mobile application for their members to streamline working practice.

KDL Work | ASPS used technology for app development
ASPS | App displaying MBS search screen

Our point of Vue...

Fast interaction and recall of data is a priority for this application. Our development of a Progressive Web Application (PWA) allows the solution to be versatile, light and fast, incorporating the properties of native apps with traditional web technology.

Built using the Vue.JS framework, the application offers exceptional performance with the help of its progressive nature and offline access which was necessary for the usability

Integration with the clients WordPress based website allows members to use their login credentials for the website and the app.

Data for the app was imported from the XML feed provided by Medicare Benefits Schedule [MBS]. The data feed is copied into the AWS AppSync solution. This allowed the use of a persistent Datastore in the PWA to work offline and keep it all the data in sync.

The application feature set includes offline searches, addition of returned results to your own personal favourites list and external content to be integrated.