Anticoagulation UK [ACUK] is a charity dedicated to the prevention of thrombosis, raising awareness of the risk of blood clots and how to help prevent them by providing information, education and support for patients and healthcare professionals.

Noticing a gap in the market for high quality education within the realm of VTE/Anticoagulation and the greater healthcare landscape, we looked at extending ACUKs suite of educational materials with the creation of a podcast series.

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Beyond the blood clot

The initial phase of the project was the production of a series of podcasts. Each podcast at their essence is aimed at having an educational value that would extend to facilitate an eLearning module or sit alongside as part of a service offering to prospective users.

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Breaking the Silence

We helped take our client through this project from concept to reality.

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, physical recording in a studio was no longer a reality and a more creative approach was required.

Engaging with the client, we trained, coached and crafted all aspects, from content scripts, branding, production, post-production and marketing.

Aimed primarily at healthcare professionals, we recreated a natural discussion environment with high production quality, credibility within the professional sector was retained, whilst also appealing to a wider audience of patients and carers.

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Something for everyone, everywhere

Video and audio only versions of the podcast were created to provide maximum engagement and reach.

Utilising the clients YouTube and social media channels, the podcast was also listed on all of the main podcast directories.

The key audience of healthcare professionals are often time constrained and as such, we set about crafting content for listenters to engage with on their commute, lunchbreak or after hours, keeping the run-time down to approx. 30mins to make episodes more easily digestible.

Creating a Buzz.....

Launching a full digital campaign pre and post launch with teaser visuals and videos allowed an audience to be grown quickly.

Footfall increased across all of the clients platforms generating impressive engagement. Well structured 'boiler plates' pre and post podcast drove traffic to resources hosted on the clients website, further increasing activity with higher traffic across content pages, downloadable resources and donations.

The campaign proved a success, fulfilling the clients mission statement, raising awareness and improving knowledge to healthcare professionals.

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