Media Technical are a multi-discipline marketing and communications company. The challenge was to create an experience that was both visually dynamic, yet allowed instant communication of key messages and ease of dissemination of content.

As part of the requirements, it was noted that 'reasonable smart phone access' is required. Whilst specific mobile and tablet sites could be developed, Kennedy Digital suggested that a more practical and beneficial approach is taken to make the site platform agnostic, through the use of responsive design.

Responsive Design


Working closely with Media Technical, we helped re-organise and streamline the service offerings, allowing a more intuituve and purposeful structure to be applied to the site. Integration of key elements such as the latest news and Twitter feed allows Media Technical to engage with their users and allows promotion of the latest work and industry news.

Media Technical - Features

With a defined logo, Kennedy Digital created a sympathetic look and feel that allowed users to easily interact with the site, whilst promoting and reinforcing the professionalism of Media Technical.

By creating a responsive designed site, users can engage with the site from any device, gaining quick access to the latest news storie and associated assets.

Media Technical - Responsive Design

Administration of the site was a concern for the client, with a need to allow updating via mobile devices when away from the office and to keep the operational overhead to a minimum. A simple, intuitive interface was developed to allow rapid publication of features and assets, allowing the Media Technical to publish content quickly.


Initial analysis show a large increase in traffic to the site and an increase in users downloading the assets provided. Content has been promoted via Social Network and Media Technical are gaining increased client exposure.